Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Psych Evaluation

Just came back from my psych evaluation and I was really nervous...for no reason. The Dr. was great he was really nice and just asked me questions about my life, how its going, and what changes do I have to make for myself. It was good to talk to someone who isn't judging me, plus he told me that I don't look anywhere near as heavy as I am...boost of confidence :). He actually recommend a book for me...but for my Graduate course work lol. He said he read it in college as a business major and thought I would benefit from it...Nice guy :).

I'm a little irritated though...He asked me when my surgery is I said I don't know he asked well you've been approved through the insurance right I said no. He seemed surprised that I didn't know anything about a timeline he said that he usually sees patients that are about to do that surgery within a month or so. My primary doctor asked me the same thing said that if she was clearing me for surgery it must be any time soon....:( I just wish I knew. Ah well UGI tomorrow then they submit with the insurance and I have to get on the Doctor's diet....EWWW :)


  1. I just found your blog. It looks like you are just starting your journey, I was banded on 3/29. Can't wait to follow you!

  2. :) Hi Jenny! I'm so excited for you on your surgery! I can't wait to have some answers on mine...hopefully soon!